Buffering settings not sticking

I’m curious - I just downloaded the latest version of n-Track and upgraded my registration. So far so good, but when I go to change the buffering settings, they reset back to some default of some variety whenever I start playback.

Anybody see this, too?

Build 1805


IF you are using ASIO they need to be set in the soundcards mixer. Other types can be set from within n-Tracks, so if you are using WDM or MME I don’t know. That’s a quirk of ASIO.

Check to see that ntrack2.cfg (n-Tracks configuration file in its install folder) is not read only. That might do it too, but I’m not sure what n-Tracks would do if that file isn’t writable. It might have other problems.

Bingo! Thanks, phoo! I’ll check to see what my sound card is set to (I am using the ASIO drivers - the WDM drivers are flipping out on me).

Thanks again!