buffering settings

cannot save buffer settings

when I go to set the buffering
the preset is stuck on custom
and when I try to change it
it reverts back to what it was
is this normal or is there something I need to set somewere else?

which drivers are selected in Settings, Audio?

ASIO FW-1884

When using Asio drivers, the buffers size and numbers are dictated by the Asio driver, so the program will complain if the settings are different from those requested by the driver. n-Track can not change Asio buffering.
Change buffering in the Tascam set up not n-Track.

now when I click the buffer writing box
and then un click it and close the window its re checking the box
in N-TRACK that is

When using ASIO drivers, n-Track cannot set the buffering. Like Poppa said IT MUST BE SET IN THE INTERFACE’S (TASCAM) CONTROL PANEL APP.


set buffering in Tascam set up - n-Track should apply it when Asio drivers are selected in preferences.

Cool trying it right now