buffering with life recording

some hints?

hello there,

i have some problems with the live rec. the sound is delayed about 1 second from playing to hearing.
buffer settings are very difficult.

any hints or tips?

thanks alot

ntrack v.4.1.6
m audio 1010 lt

1 second is a long time…

what driver are you using for your soundcard (ASIO, WDM, MME?)
Try and use ASIO or WDM if you can.

What latency do you have your soundcard set to?
If you are using ASIO you will need to set the latency (buffering) in the sound cards control panel.
If Using WDM you can set in in N’s preferences.

Depending on your system you should be able to get your latency down to a lot less than 1000ms… I would expect at least 20ms, if not 5ms.


i use the wdm drivers. where is the difference?


so what do you have your latency set to?

If WDM works for you then that is fine. Different people with different soundcards and different systems getting differing results.

Do you need the live button?

use ASIO drivers if you can. they’re faster than WDM, but a little more flaky. I usually use 512-1024 buffers in ASIO, but too low and my audio starts chattering and I have to ctrl+alt+del to turn N off. other cards allow you to turn off the LIVE button when this happens, but my ECHO just freezes the computer up.

LIVE button is great for hearing real time effects, like compression and reverb on your vocals for singing.

just make sure you have as few inputs enabled for live input processing as possible as this will slow your computer down. another trick for reverb, is to turn the reverb up to 100% mix with NO pre-delay, and use the delta’s control panel for a dry monitoring track, then blend the live input track’s volume to taste. Since reverb is usually pre-delayed anyways, you can set the buffers higher and use the LIVE input’s latency as your pre-delay. This will give you a normal wet/dry mix while still having the stability of higher buffering. You can do this with delay too, but it’s trickier to get the delay timed with the latency.

The only problem with that is when you’re done recording and wish to playback-you have to readjust all the pre-delay settings and wet/dry mix of the tracks that used the trick, but when you’re reverbing a ton of live tracks like I’ve done, it really can help. cloning a dry version (don’t copy effects over) of each reverb track will also save time adjusting settings when you’re done, as far as wet dry mix, but pre-delay has to be done still.

I had this trick setup in my mind a while ago using auxillary tracks instead. I asked Flavio to allow me to mute auxillary sends and returns, which he programmed in. I haven’t had a chance to use it and don’t really remember how I had it figured out, but as a result you can use the mutes to be able to jump back and forth between LIVE input recording and regular playback without having to readjust all the effects setting each time. If you use some creative thinking you can probably come up with a way.