Bug in 6.1.2  !!!

I have one
HDD with XP (x32)
and one
HDD with win7 (x64).

In the new (build 2870) if
I in win7 open a vaw
file from
the HDD with XP I can play it BUT the wave-form-image is not showing at all.

If I install the old nTrack 6 (build 2599) everything is OK.

But then I can’t start this promgram any more (more than the first time).
At last I figured it out how to start the program again.
I had to reset all preferecses to default.

All these automation makes it really hard to manage

/Goran Sweden

I’ve noticed that loading projects that were created on other machines, often with older versions of n-Track, would cause it to recreate all the waveforms. On projects with a lot of files this can take a long time.

Did you try forcing it to recalculate the waveforms from the settings menu?

Settings -> Refresh View -> Recalculate Waveforms