Bug in E-MAIL (NOT in N-Track itself!)

You can’t view in browser/click on linx

Dear Anyone.

As this isn’t a bug description in N-Track Stgudio itself I didn['t want to put it in the database so I just thought I’d report it here.

Got a lovely letter about the new version and wanted to clickon the Download link. And Couldn’t. So I found a little lavel saying ‘Click here to view in browser if you’re having problems’ (or words to that effect) and did so - and got the following:-

Not Found

The requested URL /emails/n-tr=ack-studio-7.1.html was not found on this server.
Apache/2.0.63 (CentOS) Server at ntrack.com Port 80

whatever any of THAT means in English (don’t understand webspeak, me!)

So I still couldn’t click on anything.

Just thought I’d better tell you the mailout isn’t working (at least not in Firefox) incase anyone wonders why there’s so little response.

Having said that, bet I’m the only one having the problem. Wouldn’t be the first time…

Yours hopefully



what email client did you use to read the email? It appears the client has corrupted the URL of the “Click here to view in browser”, there’s a extra = character. The correct URL is: