Bug Report: Build 1846

Serious problem with VSTi’s.

I’ve been struggling with this one for a few days now.

My current project has a handful of VSTi’s, and some of them have four output channels.

I noticed that I could not Mute / Solo some of my virtual tracks. I could toggle the buttons, but that didn’t have any effect.

It was not until I muted all my unused outputs from these VSTi’s that I discovered that other tracks which were NOT muted had ceased to produce any output.

It seems to be like some sort of array indexing issue, where a VSTi track only gets counted once, even though it takes up four mixer strips. So … if you have five mixer strips … the first four from a VSTi with four outputs, and the last one from a VSTi with only one output … then to Mute or Solo the second instrument ( the fith mixer strip) … you have to use the Mute / Solo buttons for the SECOND mixer strip!

I know this effects the Mute / Solo buttons … I’m not sure what else.

There is somewhat of a workaround … you can rearrange your mixer strips so that all your multiple output VSTi’s are at the end … that seems to help, however it just yields the smallest number of messed up channels … it doesn’t actually fix the problem.

Can anybody else verify this?

I just installed 1846 for the first time a few nights ago and encountered the same issue. I loaded up a few songs I had on the go with MIDI drums and several muted/minimized midi tracks. At first MIDI tracks didn’t seem to be playing back at all, and I spent about 30 mins under the assumption that I missed something in the configuration. Then when I got down to the poke blindly at various settings approach I noticed that muting and soloing the first MIDI track turned on all (or at least a bunch) of the muted tracks as well. I tried a reinstall with no luck and eventually reverted to build 1811.

If you report the details to Flavio (Hit the “Support” button and click on “Feedback form”) he’ll fix it asap.


I did a few quick test but I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem. It would be great if someone could send me a .sng file showing the problem, or a detailed list of steps that lead to the problem starting from a blank project.


I’ll attempt to duplicate the problem tonight. If I can’t … then I’ll just send you the .sng file I’m currently working on!