build 2475 ver 6.0.4 midi track with vsti will not solo.

Can someone check this for me?

Thanks in advance in the past.

Nope, worked here Tommy, tried several VSTi’s (DSK, Proteus, etc etc) They all solo-ed just fine with audio tracks in the mix also.

Didn’t try with just midi tracks tho.

Yer welcome from the future being viewed from now.

Hmm very odd indeed. So what else is new…
From now to your future present.

Presents? Shucks… and it’s not even Christmas. THANKS GUYS!

D - waitin’ for the UPS chick…

PS Ignore this post. I wrote it a week from next Thursday.

Let’s see, gonna be a grandpa again! :agree:

Hey Yaz since you’re in the future - what vsti was I using to solo on in what song.

Singing " I’m my own granpa."

I think it was DSK Sax in a 50’s do-wop tune we’re gonna write 3 weeks from now, but I could be wrong since I’ve slipped into the past again.

Dadburn flux capacitor is acting up, where’s Doc Brown when ya need him.


Dadburn flux capacitor is acting up

....gotta get back in time....get me back in time..... (NOW the sax solo)
Quote: (john doe's evil twin @ May 04 2009, 9:15 PM)


Dadburn flux capacitor is acting up

....gotta get back in time....get me back in time..... (NOW the sax solo)

Which... brings us back to Huey Lewis and The News. Hmmm...


We’re Back To The Past! - we suck…

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ May 04 2009, 8:21 PM)

to your future present.

That's impossible unless you open it then.

Ok so I experienced it, but that was then, even without unwrapping.

What a great movie that was…

The writing was stellar…
I didn’t like the 11
I liked the alarm clock on the dashboard… then the Delorian stalls… Are you guys aware??
they made those cars in New Brunswick…

At the end when he was tossing all the trash into the boiler to make energy to power it up…
Then he says… where we’re going we don’t need roads…
The scenes were just great…

Why don’t they make movies like that anymore…
AND, Huey and The News…
tell me all about that…


Huey Lewis and the Old News… :laugh: So now that we’re back in the future (some of us I guess), how did that bug get fixed anyway?

I still can’t solo midi files.

Pop, is your machine state-of-the-art? XP or Vista? 2x core or 1x?

Yep Vista Home Premium 32 AMD Turion 64X2 1 gig Ram. It may be the particular song though I have not checked another one yet. Lately when n won’t shape up - I move to a program that will let me play not work. So Yesterday I tried to test it and n crashed - report sent. It’s not my job to fix only report. My “job” is to make music. Increasingly impatient with performance issues.

I don’t use Vista, but I have been told that it takes at least 2 gig to run it successfully.