Buggy stuff with build 1980

Buggy stuff with build 1980

I just tried build 1980 and when I move the Master Mixer around it hangs up and redraws in a jerky fashion. Plus I can’t get the Track strip to show. The Master Mix strip shows up instead. Tried several different to fix the problem,but no dice. Thats the only thing I found so far. I went ahead and sent Flavio a bug report. Plus I upgraded to the new Netframe 2.0 then upgraded to N/1980.

I just updated as well.

Taking Phoo’s advise I uninstalled my last version. I also uninstalled prior Netframe installs. I installed Netframe 2 and the Build 1980 rebooted, defragged and resetup nTrack.

It’s running great for me and I’m not having problems with the track or mixer strips. Not to say there might not be a bug but just that your problems don’t show up on mine.


I just went back in and redid everything and now its working ok. :D