Bugs still in  4.0

Trouble getting them fixed?

I keep on reading about people finding numerous bugs in 4.0. I’ve put in about 25 bug reports since the first 4.0 beta came out and all but one have been sorted out. I read a post a couple of days ago something like “I have so many bugs with version 4 that I haven’t even had time to collate them all”. Are you submitting these bugs via Bug Reports or not. Flavio sometimes takes a few days to get back to you, but he always gets back to me in the end.

Obviously as an IT man I’d like a system to submit and follow bugs on-line using a super dooper bug tracking system, but in the absence of this we need to submit bugs in order for them to get resolved and for future users of the system rather than just moaning that the system “doesn’t work properly”.

My 2 penneth! John