Build 1750 ???

anyone know about this?

Anyone know anything about this new build 1750 in the downloads area? It still shows the old date. I downloaded and installed – Help, About shows build 1746.

Just a mistake on the downloads page?


Ahh, that’s better :)

As of the date/time of this message, I only see build 1746 posted. Where are you seeing 1750?

1750 was liste there for a time yesterday even though the download was still 1746. It looks like it was an error and was fixed.

The page indicated build 1750 yesterday. Flavio must have read this thread and switched it back to 1746 :slight_smile:

Yep…back to 1746 today. Strange. But, that probably means we have a new build to look forward to eventually. We know he’s still hammering away.