Build 1785 is out...

Actually, version '88 is out now…

Works fine, but I still have the weird scrollbars… ???

Quote (Mwah @ Mar. 09 2005,07:28)
Works fine, but I still have the weird scrollbars... ???

Hey Mwah,

Have you reported this to Flavio? I have only seen these when going higher than "Big" in the main mixer, i.e., set mixer size to "Big"--no scroll bars; bump it up one notch using "Enlarge mixer"--scroll bars appear for the Aux channels; go up two more notches--scroll bars appear in the mixer strips. Since the scroll bars don't do anything, I'd call it a bug, myself...

(For those who don't know what the h*ll we're talking about, look here for the original thread chatter. :) Maybe this deserves it's own thread?)

Quote (Mwah @ Mar. 09 2005,07:28)
Actually, version '88 is out now...

Works fine, but I still have the weird scrollbars... ???

And I'm sorry about your plumbing! I've had to have a ling roterrooted one time, I guess I was lucky!
Best of luck with that!

Weird scrooll bar? Oh yea that might depend on your computers visual settings resalution and how your seeing ntrack.

Ya I'm seeing that from the link tony posted, that would be odd! Have you tried changing your computers visual settins? I guess most people view at 800x600? I'm not seeing the weird scroll bars.

Tony, yes, I did a bug report a while back. Haven’t had a reply yet, but I’m sure Flavio will get around this after he’s done with the more critical fixes.

With my computer, they appear if I have the mixer size greater than “small” - and that’s too small to be legible.

Tom, I’m using 1280 x 1024, 32 bit. THis is the “native” resolution for my flat panel 19" Samsung and it’s needle sharp at this, so wouldn’t like to mess with the display settings much.



Speaking of mixers, how do I change the number of channels in a row? There used to be a setting for this. Either I am too dopey to remember where it is or it has moved/isn’t there. It is driving me nuts becuasr the mixer is very tall and goes off the screen where as if it were wide, it would all fit comfortably.

Prefernces > Appearance Tab. You can set the number of channel strips before the mixer splits into two rows.


Doh! That’s where it is. I was right clicking all over the place… Thank you sir! Now where’s the studio magic button at?

Quote (Bubbagump @ Mar. 09 2005,15:05)
Now where's the studio magic button at?

Just right click in the Master Effects window, select VST and choose "Kaboomifier". :p :p


Sweet… The legend lives on…