Build 1798

Danm that was fast!

Yesterday I sent Flavio an email with a bug report.
Today we get a new build to fix that bug.

Great work, my friend!
Thank you!


At 15.30 16/03/2005, you wrote:

> I just installed the latest build (1796) on a
> different computer, and still am able to reproduce
> problem:
> When using an EQ preset on the channel-strip EQ, the
> knobs on the mixer window do not update to reflect the
> new positions of the EQ nodes. However, the knobs do
> update if you manually move the nodes with the mouse.
> I have attached two screenshots.

The problem should be solved in the latest build, 1797:

Thanks for the feedback.

Best regards,
Flavio Antonioli.

Yea that’s very fast! I used to get a little nervous about that little visual. Knowing that I had made the change using the dropdown box but the nobs would always show the old positions. Thanks John and Flavio :D