Build 1845

Working Great !

Hi Everyone :D

Man I gotta say once again I am having a great time with this build of N. I am currently running 18 stereo tracks with one effect on every other track and my CPU usage is only about 50 %. This is on a 1.2 Ghz AMD processor setup. I should have plenty of overhead left even when I max out the arrangement of the song.
I was starting to experience some lockup problems again BUT I discovered that the culprit was my power supply in my DAW and NOT Ntrack. I am sure that some of the lockups I attributed to N in the past were also my dying power supply and not Ntrack.
So what can I say but I am mucho happy ! I am back to makin the music in a big way, Woo Hoo.

Best of Luck To All,

Ted Roberts