Build 2053 seems ok for me

(fingers crossed…)

I had some free time today so I downloaded the latest build (v4.1.6 build 2053) of n-Track (I have stayed with 4.0.5 build 1846 up til now as every other version I had tried since had been either a cpu hog or crashed my system).

So far it has been pretty good.
I like the look of it better than 4.0.5 and cpu usage seems about the same for a number of songs as it was under build 1846.

1 question/annoyance…

When I change the colour of wav files in the timeline it would be good if the name in the mixer winder also changed colour to be the same.

I have all my guitar tracks red, all vox white etc. It would make it a lot easier when looking at the mixer to know wher all your tracks are…

Also the numbers that appear on the faders in the mixer to indicate which group a channel is being sent to are really hard to read (white font on grey background). Is it possible to change the colour of these numbers? I looked in the colour settings in the preferences and there didn’t seem to be an option for this text…

One thing that has happened that I didn’t notice under build 1846 is that occassionally the cpu usage will spike and cause the song to skip or glitch a bit. (CPU usage steady around 25% and then jumps to 60% or so for a split second and then back to 25% or so)

If I move the position marker back and replay that part it will play that part ok and it might cpu spike elsewhere. So it doesn’t seem to be related to anything happenng at that particualr point in the song, but it seems like it is running out of some resource or building up some data to a point that it glitches and resets or something.

Anyone else experience this problem?



One thing that has happened that I didn’t notice under build 1846 is that occassionally the cpu usage will spike and cause the song to skip or glitch a bit. (CPU usage steady around 25% and then jumps to 60% or so for a split second and then back to 25% or so)

Just guessing but perhaps it’s a buffering problem and every n seconds or so, n-track runs out of data?

hmmmm ok… increased my buffer from 512 to 1024 samples and seems to be a bit better…

So the new version of n-Track still seems to be a bit of a resource hog compared to the older version…

still not sure whether to stick with this or go back to build 1846…


Makes sense it would be more of a drain on CPU, with all the new features. I don’t know if that’s necessarily sensible thinking, though. I don’t know computers in this way.

Hi Guys:
I been staying “Current” with the Bata builds as Flavio has posted them. and I have a “TEST” project on the time-line as I continue installing the latest builds.

I don’t play much with the appearence of the desk colours. I can’t comment much on that… However, I configure the track colours to be different for each track… As much as I see there… the mixer strips follow the Time-line colours…

The Current “TEST” project I have on the time-line has 11 tracks “IN” two Groups with the n-Track multi-band compressor in the Master strip… on my P-111 Asus/Intel 1.2 mhz 512 meg. ram Editing DAW. The CPU useage runs steady at 37-38%… If that is any help in comparing your set-ups, to… All of the tracks are 24-bit @ 44.1 reselution… Each of the tracks are configuered as “Stereo Tracks”…


Hmmm… well the song skipping every so often is still annoying. makes tracking for a whole song in 1 take a real pain in the ass…

I actually dragged out Tracktion 1 the other day in frustration and as I had some free time. I found the interface really hard to use when I first tried it ages ago (when they were giving it away for free).
But after spending about 4 hours spread over a couple of days it seems a bit more easy for me to understand and it is super stable on my PC. Can load up a ton of audio tracks and effects without any dropped samples or skipping or jumping in the song. (Plus I can set my latency at 256 samples instead of the 1024 I have to use in n-Track and record with live monitoring of fx)

I’m not fully sold on it yet, but at the moment it is allowing me to get things down faster with no crashes/glitches…

Hopefully some more stable N builds will come out soon…

Say, Bill,
Are you experiencing glitchy playback as well? I’m going trhough motions here; got a soundcard trip worked out, I think, and now am looking to re-install n-Track. I’m wondering about jumping on the “Build Train” here? (Anybody remember “Drug Train” by Social Distortion? :) )

You mentioned something about a slightly easier load on the CPU for Build 2054 in another thread. Any more to note about 2057? Perfesser…?

Hi Sloom:
Build 2057 is going fine here… I’ve pulled that P-111 outta the studio… I’m in the process of seeing what’s wrong with the STA 2000 hardware… I have 2057 installed on it… Remember, it’s a P-111 800mhz intel system. With the S/B 5.1 card used as the repro card it “Streams” the Test Tracks at just over 42%, mabey, as high as 45%… That’s XP, as the Desk… I need to try the '98SE desk… I’ll report back regarding it’s behaviour… All these tracks are 24-bit 44.1khz. res. 24-Bit tracks repro quite fine on an S/B audio card… Ya just can’t record 24-bit res. files.

You’re funny, Sloom… if only I knew… professor… implies that I know… :O :p


The time-line scroll bar doesn’t seem to want to “Hide” when pressing “Play All Tracks”, on the P-111 800mhz machine. I believe it’s the graphics card that has the issue… The 800mhz machine has a Matrox G-450 card that is not working very well… on the XP Desk… It works fine on the '98SE Desk… I think… We’ll see… again… ???

But it works fine on the P-111 1.2mhz. Editing Machine. The Graphics card is an ATI All-IN-Wonder 128 Pro.

I forgot again… This is the P-111 1.2mhz. machine… I don’t play around much with the buffers…

The buffer settings are (default) Normal settings. #4 Buffer size all 8192

Total: 327680 samples @ 0.743sec.

Preload: 8

Disk Loading 10 x’s

24 - bit @ 44.1khz files.

Quote (woxnerw @ Feb. 27 2006,01:14)

You're funny, Sloom.. if only I knew.. professor.. implies that I know.. :O :p


Yeah, heh... sometimes I *feel* funny!

This is all of interest, thanks for the feedback, Bill.

I did a funny (Not funny!) thing the other night: I loaded Fruity Loops into my machine (great drum-thing), and it blew n-Track out of the scene! "...had to close" window appeared. I un-installed, later re-installed, and n- won't even appear on the screen now. When I do get it to come up, it appears, followed by the "has to close" window. Closes. I feel like maybe I hurt it's feelings.

Now, that new/used Terratec card I just got was working great with n-Track, so I'm pretty disappointed- as it works with Fruity Loops as well as n-Track, but nothing else! I'm going over to my friend's house this evening and will pick up a copy of "RegCleaner" I think, and go after the registry items orphaned from Fruity Loops. I bet there's a shared .dll in there that is the center of a small corruption scandal. Obviously I won't be using "n-" and "Fruit" together.

??? ... Any opinions, anybody?

I’m trying my best to put enough loonies together to get Drumagog… Every time it looks like I’m close to charging IT on my VISA, something comes up and I have to take IT off the burnner… I want the Hi-End version…

That’s kindda strange that n-Track and Fruity Loops don’t work together… I think there are some guys up here that uses them together, and with no issues… I’m not positive of that, though… Is IT a RAM issue? You have? Is the window a “Low-on-Resources” White Screen? If IT is… I wonder if you may have some flakey RAM? or something? Do you have EndItAll? To close anything you may have running on your Desk, that you don’t need… Well…


Yep - I use n-track and FL Studio together (Win XP) and don’t have any issues - especially when slaving FL as a VSTi.


Enditall? Sounds kind of… good! I mean for the computer! Hmmm. don’t know what to say about Fruity Loops. I’m going to RegEdit it out and just try and keep it all minimal for now, I think, 'till I learn more here.

Till then there’s Hammerhead!

Quote (jmccullo @ Feb. 27 2006,10:20)
Yep - I use n-track and FL Studio together (Win XP) and don't have any issues - especially when slaving FL as a VSTi.


I don't know what to say, except maybe that's not the reason there was a problem. Anyway, I Bumped Fruity Loops out of the Registry for now. I re-installed n-Track tonight, and she's as fine as if nothing ever happened. Build 2042, as that's the one I had when this went down.

Anyhoo, the Terratec EWS88MT is back at work with n-Track, and the EMU 0404 is carrying Hammerhead and Cool Edit Pro. n-Track is working well with either card.

If I find myself feeling saucy, I'll go put the FL back in. No big deal to fix the registry again, I guess- and I really would like to find out for sure why this happened.

A'right, thanks folks.

Hi n-Trackers:
Build 2059 has been posted this morning. I have it installed on my P-111 Intel 1.2mhz (Editing) machine… As well The Studio P-111 800mhz intel tracking machine. It installs just great and runs the TEST Project, I have set-up, fine… on both machines. On an earlier post you’ll find the number of tracks and all… to-do with the project… However the build 2059 runs at a higher CPU load (47-48%) than the build 2048 (35-38% approx.)… But still no big To-Do’s

I reinstalled the Hoontech STA 2000 audio hardware… It appears to be up-and-running again… (So-far-So-Good)… I have some basic configuering, to do with it, yet… But O.K. So-Far…

The Driver version is 7.1.1227 … I think some of you uses this stuff… Mayeb, Tom Hicks, is running this hardware… and you are around… If you do, can you confirm that this is the latest driver version? If it isn’t what is the latest driver build?