Build 2198 is up!!

Build 2198 just went up. Flav is working hard on this one. Can’t wait to get home and try it out. I didn’t get 2196 last night, but now I don’t have to. Thanks, Flavio, for all your efforts to give us a wonderful product.


“What’s changed” notes only currently go up to build 2195.

I wonder what’s new in this build.

I see that there is a fix in 2195 for the WDM drivers not appearing in the selection list.

all i have found so far is that the missing drivers (like Flavio) have returned from their vacation -

you are susposed to be able to copy volume and pan envelopes from one track to another - but you could already draw the same envelope into multiple tracks at the same time in prior builds -

if it works (not had time to try yet) it could be handy if you draw envelopes one day and decide a few days later to add the same envelope to another track - easier to copy and paste than trying to replicate an already drawn one - it would be great if the envelopes could be passed between songs - will try that soon -

Dr J

Talking of copying: I’d really like to have a feature that would copy every setting of a given channel - except the wav in the copied channel - to another channel. Fader, eq, effects etc.

For example if I record a track of lead vocal I start meddling with it right away from the first play back (add a hint of compressor, cut down lowest frequencies, run it thru blockfish, send some of it to rewerb via aux…) . Then I want to record second verse again to a new track. It wouldbe nice to have the same effects applied to the next track with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

Now my work around is to make a group right away if I record a vocalist that I’m pretty sure will be erratic and unsecure of himself and aplly the effects to the group.

You CAN do that. Select the track in question, click Track > Clone Track. Up pops a dialog that lets you select WHAT you want cloned or NOT cloned. Just uncheck “wave file” and poof! You get an empty track with the same settings as the cloned track.



PS You can also just Right-click the track and choose “Clone track”.

Hi Gents:
I’m downloading build 2198… It’ll take close to an hour…

I’m replying to XonXoff and my observations to that question…

I’d say that one of us has sent him a .dmp file to correct a close exception… If that is correct , then Flavio should have posted a build that will fix the exception… So, in that case there will be no added features to the version… just an updated build number… Having said that, fixing n-Track from a .dmp file is something that will help us all somewhere down the road…

If any of you gets a “Close Exception” , lets say for the second time and after a re-boot then I’d say it should be sent over to him…

For example, I have gotten a “Close exception” for something stupid, I did… That’s no help to Flavio, that’s in my opinion… But who knows that for sure… And… not sending Flavio a .dmp file is not gonna improve n-Track’s behaviour, the next time around…


Thanks Bill for the reply. I’m just curious seeing builds - I like to know what is in them…


I’d like to send in a .dmp file, but I need help. I don’t know what it is, I’ve never seen that extention.

Is there a tutorial somewhere I can read?

I’ll Google it.

When V5 of n-Tracks crashes it will pop up a dialog that askes if a dmp file should be created or not. If one is created it will be in C:\Documents and Settings</b>[yourlogin]\Local Settings\Temp. The file name will be something like n-Track Studio.dmp or n-Track Studio1.dmp.

The file size as-is is too large to email usually. It’s about 13.4 megs. Fortunately it compresses well so a ZIP of a dmp file will be about 2.5 megs. That’s small enough for most email.

Thanks Phoo,

I’m far better educated about .dmp files after a good googling but your post filled in some blanks. :)

2199 is up now but no changelog just yet.

Quote (Diogenes @ Jan. 11 2007,17:32)
You CAN do that. Select the track in question, click Track > Clone Track.

Thanks great! I try that today.

2200 is now up - is that 3 versions today ? -

you where talking about 2198 - i downloaded 2199 - looked again 2200 -

in 2199 you can now copy envelopes from one track to another, and from song to song if you so wish -

Dr J

Hey good news! Build 2200 will playback my test project very nicely at 50ms latency. Flav must be tweaking on the audio engine a bit. Before even at 100ms it popped and farted like a room full of red-necks after a burrito eatin’ contest! Kewl…


Even better news… I installed Build 2200 on my DAW only boot partition and n runs like a dream at 20ms. Keep up the good work Flavio! My faith is restored. :)


2201 is here. Still no change log… I will shake this one down as soon as I get a chance…


Hey, TG - that test project of yours, how many tracks @ what bitrate/resolution?

If you’ve told us before I missed it…

19 stereo tracks 24/44.1. n-Track comp all over the place… n-Track phaser… SIR, PushTec Comp, Classic Limiter on master. I think the problem is the comp’ed, heavily edited tracks. Freeze those and playback is pretty good even with the older builds. 2200 plays back sweet with no farts and pops when n hits the edited tracks. ???


Thanks :)