build 2465

I was wondering when I opened this when I had done a ‘demo’ tune - then the guitar played and I thought hmmmm - I’m not that sloppy! (I had located it and placed it out of time)

Anyway - there’s a demo song in this build - you will have to locate the electric part. Bass drums and guitar.

Is this you Flavio?

(by the way everyone - Flavio is a picker too for those of you who don’t know - but I’ve yet to get him to send me a file to play with. Maybe I’ll try shaming him!)

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 29 2009, 8:45 PM)

Maybe I'll try shaming him!

Nope, try a different approach. Maybe we should tell him to put down the darn guitar and get busy with n! lol

the synth routing in this demo is freakin’ me out - I can’t find a way to get into half of it. Gonna have to make sure the routing for VSTi has not changed to the way it looks in the demo or maybe my setup is just goofy. It appears the VSTi goes to a channel synth now and not directly onto the MIDI track. At first look anyway. I’ll create a new sng file tomorrow and beat it into submission.

When I click on the little wav icon and the track settings dialog box opens wiht the Eqlizer on top and the compressor below. Not all of the compressor controls show. They are transparent until I cursor over them.
Do you see that? Is that a new design or one of those buggers?

you lost me at little wav icon - which one? in which toolbar… or in the track?

I have the same problem with the display of the lower section of the EQ/compressor box. The lower half is not drawing until you drag a cursor over it - or you can change to the horizontal view and then back to the vertical view and it will all display.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Mar. 30 2009, 8:41 AM)

you lost me at little wav icon - which one? in which toolbar... or in the track?

Probably from any meter icon in the mixer view next to the treble and bass nobs on any track. Sorry think I first called it a wav icon. my bad

Whatch think bax? Bug or design?

A couple of GUI problems there - I had floating sliders when I first opened it up. Clicked on another track and it settled into view. Little buggy.

I can’t get EZdrummer clips to drop into the existing drum track - every drag and drop creates a new track and parts won’t move. Drummer bummer.

2465 loads fast, handles fine.
It’s almost impossible to go over all areas in search of problems in a short time.

Other than that little visual 2465 seems good.