Build 3092 - multi tracks created/recorded quickly

fixes bug in previous build and adds

Build 3092:
It also adds the “Create and arm a track for each input” command in the track’s rec-arm menu and in the rec-arm button on the input channel vumeter menu. This command creates a new track for each input channel so if you say have 8 inputs with a single click you get 8 tracks created each one automatically armed (but the recording starts only when you press the rec key). This saves you from manually creating each track and arming it.
If you however set each input to “Record to a new track” you still get the old behavior of creating and recording into a new track.

To use this,
Select the audio inputs you wish to use.
Left Click on the Red Button under the Record VU meter. Chose “Select and Arm track for each input.” This will put all your active tracks up on the screen, ready to use. You can still turn individual tracks on/off or select different inputs (the record button on each track), but it is all there for the first take.
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