Building a bass trap.

Any one inclined?

My self-build studio is going to be open to the eaves (chapel style)to a height at the apex at around 16ft and I’m expecting issues in the low end?

EVERY room not specifically built for acoustics will have issues in the low end. That said, I would strongly consider Joel’s Chameleon kits. When I treated my space I did the math, and by the time I factored in wood, fasteners, paint, time, etc… sourcing your own insulation and fabric then buying his frames is hard to beat even 100% DIY assuming you want them to not look totally half assed. If all you care about is performance… then perhaps 100% DIY is best.

EDIT: Hrm, maybe he figured out what the value of what he was selling.…lf.html

I think they were $29 before.

Cheers, Bubba - I’m into making stuff, it’s practically what I do and my first reaction to needing something is to make one - that’s why the house is rammed with half finished proj

Those frames look tidy and I’m almost tempted because they would give a classy look and covers one of tricky parts of the build at a price you couldn’t match with diy but I’ve got a bare pine theme going on.
I’ve never looked into bass traps before but as I type this I’m Googlin the basic principles. This building is 200 yr old, cobble-stone ruin without a right angle in sight;-)

I don’t fish for bass, and in any case fish traps are mostly frowned upon over here.

HTH! :)

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 01 2011, 6:18 PM)

I don't fish for bass, and in any case fish traps are mostly frowned upon over here.


How can any where be "over" any where? What're yuh onabout, Tom?

Well, I got a used Chevy Blazer the other day that I use to get onabout, it’s blue, b/c everything goes with a blue blazer.

Is that what you mean?