building a new system

I was wondering if anyone has any good advice or sites that may have info on building a new system for recording…like what motherboards are good with the delta 66 or if there is certain chip sets to stay away from, what onboard midi is acceptable…ram issues…you know…


Intel CPU and Intel Chipset seems to be the safest bet. I’ve never had a probelm with that combo, but have with SiS chips, and with AMD. (personal experience)

You can check out the spec’s on the custom DAWs that I sell on my web site. I’ve gotten very good luck with these components. See Custom DAW.

I’m thinking about offering a MicroATX DAW based on the -
Antec Aria Case. This should be cool!

Thanks for the responses gentlemen, I should be building by the end of the month.

Hey SR,

I’ve been building custom DAWs since the Amiga days. My current custom rig uses an AMD mobile 2600+ CPU and a DFI Infinity motherboard. If you know how to set multipliers and FSBs then this is a great combo. It includes USB 2.0 and Firewire… good stuff on a DAW. Also, make sure you have at least 2 fast harddrives, one for programs/OS and the other for audio files.

Using an AMD (barton) mobile chip allows me to use less cooling (fans) because the CPU runs very cool already. Even overclocked, under full load it runs at 104 degrees Fahrenheit/ 40C. Great chip and really cheap ($80).

Good luck


I built my system with an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe motherboard and an AMD 2200 Athlon. The ASUS uses the n-force chip set which has a good reputation for audio work.

My system has been great, especially with n-track. This is the best computer I have ever owned.

Check these links:,1558,1626401,00.asp