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Big Star is the single greatest band ever on the face of the planet ever.
1st 2 albums.
I never travel far without a little Big Star.

chris bell died years ago did you ever hear his album i am the cosmos?

Gorgeous. the title track - I want to have done that...

A good article on bell:


This is that link to the LetItDock DVD Concert in Toronto with the Band and a Rick Danko and Levon Helm Duette…

If I was gonna return to Earth as a Bass Player I’d like to be able to do This Kind os Stuff Garth Hudson was on that stage, alomg with a Keys Player
and Guitar Player… I don’t remember their names…

Rick Danko, Carl Perkins…


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thanks for that tom... that was really depressing reading so im glad i already knew a lot of the story
have you got this big star box set keep an eye on the sky?
i never bought it cos it was so expensive & you never know when you buy an album of alternate versons if your just going to ruin things for yourself & destroy the specialness of the band but if you cant get anything new thats all there is left to get
i still keep looking at it cos ive got a birthday coming up
september gurls is a contender for my fave song of all time

No, I never bought it for pretty much the same reason, too $$. (sorry, the board doesn’t do pounds!) SG is just about the most perfect pop song ever done. I love everything about it. BTW, I was quoting The Replacements when I said that I never travel far without a little Big Star. :laugh:

the Pound sign
£, and the Euro sign € :laugh:

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the Pound sign
£, and the Euro sign €

Yeah baby!

ouch. I suck. :laugh: