Bush fell short on duty at Guard

Records show pledges unmet

Bush fell short on duty at Guard.


But Bush fell well short of meeting his military obligation, a Globe reexamination of the records shows: Twice during his Guard service – first when he joined in May 1968, and again before he transferred out of his unit in mid-1973 to attend Harvard Business School – Bush signed documents pledging to meet training commitments or face a punitive call-up to active duty.

He didn’t meet the commitments, or face the punishment, the records show. The 1973 document has been overlooked in news media accounts. The 1968 document has received scant notice
John Kerry does not want his service record questioned. This is the reason why.

Subject: Hanoi John's Military Service On 18 Feb. 1966 John Kerry signed a 6 year enlistment contract with the Navy (plus a 6-month extension during wartime).

On 18 Feb. 1966 John Kerry also signed an Officer Candidate contract for 6 years -- 5 years of ACTIVE duty & ACTIVE Naval Reserves, and 1 year of inactive standby reserves (See items #4 & $5).

Because John Kerry was discharged from TOTAL ACTIVE DUTY of only 3 years and 18 days on 3 Jan. 1970, he was then required to attend 48 drills per year, and not more than 17 days active duty for training. Kerry was also subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Additionally, Kerry, as a commissioned officer, was prohibited from making adverse statements against his chain of command or statements against his country, especially during time of war. It is also interesting to note that Kerry did not obtain an honorable discharge until Mar. 12, 2001 even though his service obligation should have ended July 1, 1972.

Lt. John Kerry's letter of 21 Nov. 1969 asking for an early release from active US Navy duty falsely states "My current regular period of obligated service would be completed in December of this year."

On Jan. 3, 1970 Lt. John Kerry was transferred to the Naval Reserve Manpower Center in Bainridge, Maryland.

Where are Kerry's Performance Records for 2 years of obligated Ready Reserve, the 48 drills per year required and his 17 days of active duty per year training while Kerry was in the Ready Reserves? Have these records been released?

Has anyone ever talked to Kerry's Commanding Officer at the Naval Reserve Center where Kerry drilled?

On 1 July 1972 Lt. John Kerry was transferred to Standby Reserve - Inactive . On 16 February 1978 Lt. John Kerry was discharged from US Naval Reserve.

Below are some of the crimes Lt. Kerry USNR committed as a Ready Reservist, while he was acting as a leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War:

1. Lt. Kerry attended many rallies where the Vietcong flag was displayed while our flag was desecrated, defiled, and mocked, thereby giving aid and comfort to the enemy. 2. Lt. Kerry was involved in a meeting that voted on assassinating members of the US Senate. 3. Lt. Kerry lied under oath against fellow soldiers before the US Senate about crimes committed in Vietnam. 4. Lt. Kerry professed to being a war criminal on national television, and condemned the military and the USA. 5. Lt. Kerry met with NVA and Vietcong communist leaders in Paris, in direct violation of the UCMJ and the U.S. Constitution.

Lt. Kerry by his own words & actions violated the UCMJ and the U.S. Code while serving as a Navy officer. Lt. Kerry stands in violation of Article 3, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. Lt. Kerry's 1970 meeting with NVA Communists in Paris is in direct violation of the UCMJ's Article 104 part 904, and U.S. Code 18 U.S.C. 953. That meeting, and Kerry's subsequent support of the communists while leading mass protests against our military in the year that followed, also place him in direct violation of our Constitution's Article 3, Section 3, which defines treason as "giving aid and comfort" to the enemy in time of warfare.

The Constitution's Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3, states, "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President .. having previously taken an oath . to support the Constitution of the United States, [who has] engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

--A. L. "Steve" Nash, MAC Ret, UDT/SEAL SEAL Authentication Team -Director AuthentiSEAL Phone 707 438 0120 "The only service where all investigators are US Navy SEALs"

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I’m having fun but stop changing the subject!!! Start a new post if you want to talk about Kerry’s record.

Ha! You are upset over somebody changing the subject????? When did you change tactics, Mike?

Bush has already been President for four years. We already know what we are getting with him. It may not be even close to ideal… BUT

All we can know of Kerry is what he has shown us in his service as a Senator and military man. Based on his voting record, his unwillingness to be forthcoming with a promised full release of his military records (which COULD instantly put this all to rest… or it could just prove it all accurate…) and the inconsistancy of his campaign promises and rhetoric, we can know a lot about his nature and core beliefs.

No… it is relevent. If Bush is going to be re-weighed on his past, Kerry’s past needs to be taken into consideration blow-for-blow. Same thread.

Bush has already been President for four years. We already know what we are getting with him. It may not be even close to ideal... BUT
Ahhh but that's the problem - we don't know everything about Bush because it didn't come out in 2000 and we don't know all of what/why he's done what he's done over the last 4 years.

Kerry served two honorable tours of duty in Vietnam while Bush was drinking & snorting cocaine.

Stop the smear!

There is a great deal of question about that “honorable duty,” isn’t there?

Kerry can put it to bed once and for all. Funny that he won’t sign that SF-180 he promised to back in April to make it so.

Not in my book - I’m satisified with the records he’s produced.

This election is about Bush not Kerry. Why are you concerned with Bush’s records? What if Bush was shown to be (heaven forbid) dishonorable? Would you still vote for him?

For someone who’s not a registered Democrat or Republican you seem awfully quick to support Bush.

Awfully quick? I have been disgusted since it started looking like the Gentleman from Massachusettes was a possibility for nomination. I’d almost rather see Ted Kennedy in there.

It’s taken me over 20 years to vote for a Republicrat. But unless Kitty Kelly reveals that he wears unmatched socks or sleeps with Martians in her upcoming “reveal all” book, yes - Bush has my vote.

The issues aren’t the issue. It is the BALANCE I’m concerned about. You post crap, I post crap. That way, we don’t disturb the rotation of the planet with too much of one kind of crap piling up too high in one place.


It’s already settled anyway. The biggest reason I’m voting for Bush is to cancel YOUR vote, Mike. Nothing’s going to change that. So why don’t we BOTH agree to shut up?

Balance - you say?!?! If you wanted balance then you’d put a Democrat in the White House to offset the Republican \Congress. Or maybe help elect a Democratic senator.

Your & my vote don’t count because I live in CA & you live in MI.

The stuff I say is not crap, so you can speak for yourself on that one.

I bet that you’re one of the 41 million who don’t have health insurance. Too bad - you should be voting for Kerry then.

The Globe said in July 1973, before Bush moved from Houston to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to attend Harvard Business School, he signed a document saying: “It is my responsibility to locate and be assigned to another Reserve forces unit or mobilization augmentation position. If I fail to do so, I am subject to involuntary order to active duty for up to 24 months... “

Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett told the Washington Post in 1999 that the future president had served at a Boston-area Air Force Reserve unit after leaving Houston. But Bush never joined a Boston-area unit, the Globe said.

“I must have misspoke,” Bartlett, now White House communications director, was quoted as telling the Globe in a recent interview.