Bush in Vietnam


HANOI: In his first day in the capital of a country that was America’s wartime enemy during his youth, President George W. Bush said Friday that the American experience in Vietnam contained lessons for the war in Iraq. Chief among them, he said, was that "we’ll succeed unless we quit."

Is that a different Vietnam to the one I remember?

Perhaps the President is talking about the John Wayne version of the Vietnam war. ???

It’s hard to fathom that bottomless pit he calls his mind.


I’m glad I am not the only one whoe caught that. I heard his speach on NPR yesterday and about drove off the road when I heard that. I wish I could find the full transcript.

Maybe he thinks that if he hadn’t gone AWOL while in the Texas National Guard and instead he had flown missions in Vietnam… Maybe he feels guilty for the Vietnam war and is trying to make up for it by murdering thousands of Americans and Iraqis…

Uhhh… ummmmmm… ???

I’m with Kingfish