Bush win would mean victory over terror

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Wed Nov 3, 9:56 AM ET World - AFP

MOSCOW (AFP) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said that a win by
George W. Bush in the US election would mean victory over terror.

“I have said that international terrorism wanted to derail Bush’s
(chances of) victory,” Putin told a press conference.

“If Bush wins, then I will be able to rejoice that the American
people did not allow themselves to be scared :;): and made a right
decision,” said the Russian leader, cautioning that it is
necessary "to wait for official results."

But Putin warned that relations between Moscow and Washington,
former Cold War foes, would not be easy following the election.

"Whoever wins the election, dialogue with the USA will not be easy,"
he said. “There will always be problems between countries like
Russia and the United States.”

"During the (past) four years … our relations have improved
considerably, both for the good of our people and for our security,"
he said. "I hope that we will not have to start from zero."

Putin was among a handful of world leaders, along with the prime
ministers of Italy and Japan, to have openly supported Bush’s
reelection bid.

Two weeks before the US vote, Putin said international terror groups
aimed to sink Bush’s reelection efforts.

“International terrorists aim to cause maximum damage to Bush … to
not allow his reelection to a second term,” he said on October 18.


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