Bush Wins!

It is finally over. The people have spoken (in record numbers) and the winner is Bush.

I am going to support this president. I hope he tries to bring this country together and works on programs that both sides of the isle agree on.


Well said.

I agree Mike. Well said. I intend to support the Prez no matter who it is. After all, the President of the United States is a VERY heavy burden for one to carry. Bush or Kerry or Joe Schmoe…anybody willing to carry that kind of responsibility is deserving of respect and support.

They can’t print enough money to get ME to want that job!


Let’s see how he deals with the social and economic issues in THIS country at home.
Some issues he just cant be too wishy washy about so we will just have to wait and see

I don’t know if anyone has said it yet, so I will. I got the outcome I wanted. I did sorta feel bad for Kerry. He did work very hard during this campaign and brought foreward alot of good issues.

I think he really showed us what type of person he is with the speech he gave at the end. He conceded with the grace and style second to none IMO.

As far as the social issues. I am looking hard at the way the president and others are proposing for reforming the tax code. I remember during the dem’s primary, general clark proposed a flat tax. Now it looks like the government might actually go for it. I understand the IRS costs the taxpayer zillions of dollars. I heard the number 10 trillion somewhere. I don’t know over how many years that is but it’s alot of money. I for one never understood why we waste so much manpower and trees to pay taxes. I just makes things alot more simple if I don’t have to file every year. Ofcourse it’s gonna screw with the way alot of states collect income tax.

Also, hats off to those of you on the board who supported Kerry. You all have debated well and graciously accepted the outcome. I do hope things improve over the next 4 years so we can actually solve some of the problems in this country.