family favorite I finally recorded…


This is really a beautiful song…we have been listening to it all afternoon. :) :) :love: :agree: :agree:

Thanks T!

Awsome pops!


Take an old wooly worm like you
You'd be surprised what you could turn into

What a great lyric, Tommy. Great great recording of a great great song. :agree: I really love the longish intro...

Wow - thanks guys. I’m getting emails in from my family on it. Folks cryin’ and slingin’ snot from Ohio to Alaska. I just listened to it for the, probly 100th time, and was just amazed my own self at the song lyric. I “wrote” this in 1980 and had never put it on paper or typed it until Yaz wanted lyric to do the harmony parts. To me it’s one of those songs that are “better than you are.” Know what I mean? Wish I had a bunch more of 'em.
Thanks guys! You made my month!

Oh - Yaz is da man! Held my hand through this whole thing for the last week. Thanks again Yazzer - cain’t seem to thank you enough! :agree:

Great stuff Poppa Willis and Yaz…
You guys have been busy… :)

Is that the EZ Drummer editor?


It’s a combination of EZdrummer (first half or so) and then Realband’s drums on the out chorus’. You can tell by the kick verb on the realband drums. That’s the one limitation it has that still bugs me - no separate tracks just a stereo wav mix. Thanks Bill - Yaz is quite the one for harmony and dishin’ out lovely little nit picks of honesty. I value that a lot.

Beautiful piece of writing Tommy. Lyrically and musically great. The production on this is superb and Yaz’s backing vox are worth their weight in gold.
Best thing you’ve done IMHO!

Yes, that is a real good one. The lyrics are perfect.
Nice work (and from Yaz as well).
Did you ever perform the song in all those years since you first wrote it?

yep - thanks guys - means a lot coming from you Bruffie!

pingcat - it was the song the family always asked me to play first at any gathering, (4 brothers - 5 sisters) it was just my song to sing for years with just my old gut string. I never thought I could capture the feel so I never even tried to cut it. With all that’s happnin’ in my life right now I figured it was time to try. Glad I did.

Thanx again guys.

It got close this past December…
Ryan at Sweetwater suggested I not get the 99.00 EZ Drummer…
He suggested I get the Pro Version…
Whatever version that was (I think it was 179.00 or the 249.00 one or something), back then…
I think ToonTrack has an update to the EZ Drummer
application now…
It’ll happen, soon-or-later…
If we got dumped on with money as opposed to rain, I’d get it sooner…

I believe Flavio has been working on this issue for a while now…
I now wonder if this
midi issue may be with-in EZ Drummer and not with n-Track ????
OR is it an n-Track issue ?
Do you think this appears with another Multi-Track Editor ????

Sorry Gents…
This should be discussed on another topic…
It’s just disappointing to have creativity and technical concerns bundled in the same thread…


Wow Tommy…that’s a great great song
Great production too both T and Y !!

We all need to hear stuff like this more often, and believe me I needed to hear that right now.

It’s one of those special songs that when you hear it…you feel like it was written just for you. Those kind of songs are far and few between.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

thats a nice song poppa

I agree that we all have one or two songs like this in us. wow, The bv’s are spot on. the lyrics are inspiring.

as always the production is perfect


Those lyrics are pure poetry, really makes the tune 1st class. Really good sound, great job you guys! :agree:

yeah that’s purty.

i can’t compete with everyone else’s eloquence.

thanks for e-mailin’ me letting me know. as other tom might say, i’ve been on the moon.

Thanks for slappin’ it onto the radio show!

you bet!

Nice tune Poppa… :agree:

I apologize for the lateness of a response… but I’m still struggling for internet access at home. sigh

Maybe this week I can get the “repairman” in to see what the heck is going on here…


PS “Repairman” is in quotes for a reason… Most of these guys couldn’t ‘repair’ their way out of a wet paper sack… BUT… they hold the keys to the kingdom… A.K.A. they can access the ISP’s DNS server and say "Yeah… let MAC address XX.XX.XX.XX.XX.XX IN!