Buttons, buttons, buttons!

Sooooo many buttons!

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the following buttons from the track display?


open N, you dont need a song loaded to do this, in the left gray area, right click. You should see a list of things…click on “select left track elements.” Another DBox will open giving you the option to choose what is displayed here. Now I have version 3.3 so if my idea doesnt work, someone soon with the new version will chime in.

Hey PK,

You probably figured this out by now, but here goes anyway. I have the new version, which actually IS a little different, like syn707 suspected. I don’t have my own picture, but here’s one from another thread which happens to show the important stuff (my thanks to crankz1 :) ):

If you right click on the mixer strip (left-hand side of the picture), you’ll get the popup menu shown here. Click on the “Show mixer strip selection in the timeline” item at the bottom of the menu and…Voila!..the buttons should disappear. This menu item and the buttons didn’t exist in 3.3.



Woohoo! I got it! Thanks guys! You saved me a lot of searching.