Buy some guitar stuff


Yep, gonna sell this stuff to get some other stuff:

1. Taylor Classic Electric, the white gutiar with the 3/4 humbuckers, hardly played, $1,000. That’s a bargain.

2. Carr Mercury amp, purple, $1,100. That’s really a bargain.

3. Vox Brian May Amp - make an offer. As phoo once said, it’s a glorified distortion box.

You pay actual shipping.

I think these are pretty good prices, but I’d consider offers. I’m in Michigan, of course, if that helps or matters.


OH, I also have a spotmaster 8S150 console that was taken out of a radio station, if anyone is interested.

And you all are interested, b/c I need something else very badly! :D

That’s some nice stuff, especially the amp. I hope the price doesn’t scare anyone off. You get what you pay for and I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about Carr amps.

Those are hand made make by a guy in Pittsboro, NC. Drove by there last time was in NC, but he wasn’t home.

Did go into a thrift shop a block or so away. It’s all right downtown Pittsboro. (anyone that knows Pittsboro will know what I mean) Too bad they didn’t have any rejects…


Free manual included :agree:

That’s an old workhorse!

Yep, Poppa, thanks! Forgot to mention that BE has legacy stuff posted. Can’t say that the preamps in this are special, but it has a sort of cool factor - not like old RCA tube console is cool, but sort of like something from the disco era is cool. It really sounds like that, too. Rather big - the picture sort of makes it look small, b/c the knobs are really huge. And it is mostly blue. Dunno why that would matter.

Tyhe price on the carr is almost a steal - the amp is in perfect condition, they go for 1200 on ebay, and retail for 2400 or so. It is a strat’s favorite amp, if you ask me. and it is purple. Dunno why that would matter. :laugh:

Gonna put them on Ebay tomorrow.

That Radio Console io SO Classic… I remember when you got it… I never figured you to part with it… BUT… Yea gotta do what yea gotta do… How heavy is that unit… ????


Pretty heavy. 50 USA pounds?