bye bye ntrack!!

time to move on

i’ve decided today that i’m finishing up using n track.
i’m not moaning i’m not complaining, i just found it a little lacking when it came to rewire, and lately a little unreliable.
i’ve picked up a second hand copy of sonar 3 for 85 euro and it seems to do the business. anyhoo i’m still delighted that i bought n track twas the first recording software i invested in! taught me the ropes (not that i know them all) and thanks to this forum also, there is a groupp of die hards here obviously (you know who you are) who helped me out through the odd post i left and through posts i read!! i hope you wont shun me if i (and i surely will) come back sometime for advice.
anyway thats my lot…james…signing off

rock??? rock on!!!

James, come back whenever you feel like, I’m sure you’ll be welcome. :)

Although we all use n-track, many of us don’t use it exclusively. I for one use Fruity and Cubase as much as I use n.


James, I am sure you’ve done your share of helping people…there isn’t any reason to shun you.

Please do return often!

Bon voyage !