Hey guys !

I’ve been working hard on my singing thanks to all your suggestions after my first post. I think it’s comming together and soon I hope to present something to your consideration.

But, in the meanwhile, I would appreciate your opinion on my new instrumental song “Calypso”.

If you are kind enough to listen, please visit Gammamusic

Thanks in advance !

Lovely, Gamma. Very worldly.

1000 Gracias Tony ! Worldly is an adjetive I appreciate.

Nice melodies in that.
Are you using a midi keyboard controller?
Feeding it into n-track and recording direct to a midi track?

Yeap Pingcat,

I have a very simple keyboard (evolution) that sends midi instructions through a Tascam US-122L directly into a midi track. There, I use soundfonts for the instruments.

I am as far as you can get from being a midi expert. I just know enough to make the keyboard sound as the desired instument and to eventually correct a missplaced note in the piano roll (normaly its easier to play the thing again). Channels, events, envelopes is all dark magic to me

Once I have the midi in N-tracks, I export different parts as wave files and then mix them in another song file.