Can't edit midi

I can’t understand what I am doing wrong, I can’t erase a midi note. I do not see the eraser icon like the read me says, and when I use the red X it doesn’t erase the note it makes it transparent and it comes back soon as I click another note to erase. I remember the old days when there was a eraser icon and it worked. Any help please ?


Try the following:

1) click on the note(s) you want to erase. They become transparent/white.

2) press the ‘Del’ key. The notes should dissappear, or some bug just crept in.

I know n-Track is special in that respect, eventually you’ll get used to it.

regards, Nils

Instead of just clicking on the note you want to erase, drag the cursor across it while holding down the left mouse key(after having clicked on the red X). From left to right or vice versa. That should erase the note.

Great tips guys, thanks a bunch.