Can't find previously loaded VST

when I open up the .sng file

If I load up n-drums and play it for awhile, then hit the X in the top right to close it, it still shows up on the midi track properties. When I try to find it somewhere, I can’t. I have to “Add another instrument,” and pull up another n-drums to play it again. Then when I go to point the midi track to the n-drums, I am given the option between N-drums and N-drums.2! So I have just been selecting the one I can see. If I work on the file five times (saving the file each time and opneing it up later) I’m given six n-drums to choose from, the five previous ones and the newest one I loaded up because I can’t find the others.
Are there still all these n-drums floating around somewhere, or did they all really close and there is just a remnant in the midi track properties window? Or, does this not make sense?

I think I follow this…

If I’m right:

Pull up the track mixer, right-click on the background somewhere and ensure that “Show Instruments” is ticked. That will allow you to see the instrument channels in the mixer. You can then double-click the n-track drums entry in the effects box to get back the the editing screen for the drums plugin.

Hey thanks, I’ll try that tonight!

Did you get this sorted?

Hi there, thanks for the follow-up … I don’t have it quite figured out yet, I only had a breif chance to try your suggestion. I was able to “show instruments” and find the missing VST in the mixer window, but then I couldn’t get past the effects pop-up window … I will fiddle some more tonight.
Maybe I only single-clicked on the effects box? … can’t remember!

Hey! I got it! A little rubbing on the side of the head warmed up the gray stuff enough to finally get it!
Thanks. :D