can't get AUX send to work?

I know I’m missing something obvious…

OK…so here’s what I did…

1. On the Master Mixer, set the AUX1 volume midway, chose a “Delay” VST effect.
2. On track 16, drew an envelope for “Send to Aux1” starting from 0.0db arched up to about 2.0db
3. On the track mixer for #16, moved the slider for “AUX 1 send” up.

When I playback, though, I don’t hear the AUX send effect.
I can SEE the VU meter on the AUX channel “bouncing like a ball” when the signal ends, indicating each successive repetition of the delay effect, but I’m not HEARING it.

I solo’d the channel and everything to make sure the delay wasn’t there but just buried in the mix, and no dice.

I know I’ve done this before (the end of the song “And I Am” on my songs page has both a delay and hard pan right using AUX1 send), but now I can’t get it to work.

What really stupid and obvious thing am I missing that’s going to make me do this :p when someone tells me?

Bring up the aux return volume.

:p :O ???

Thanks Willy.
Actually I figured it out about 10 seconds after I posted.