Can't get clean recordings no matter what

I’ve been working with N Track trying to fix my debut album recordings for a very long time with little luck. Other people tell me the recordings sound fine, but if you take a listen to the tracks on my website, the first 3 are full of background noise, and the tracks don’t align after mixing for some reason, then songs 4-11 are really soft… and I have to do them all over again, but not really knowing the problem or solution is very frustrating…

I’m hoping someone can please help me.

My website is
Click LISTEN on the website to see the player.

Thank you so much for your time.


Some information:

Behringer Mixer > Dedicated Laptop with N Track Studio

Acoustic Guitar pickup > Behringer effects pedalboard

2 Studio monitors

Vocal mic: Shure SM58-CN Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Cable

Filter on mic: Post Audio ARF-05 Reflection Filter & Vocal Booth, Desk or Stand Mounted. Studio Sound Anywhere, Anytime.


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the songs I could here were not that bad, little bit of hiss but that is typical with Behringer boards, a few overloads on the processors with the vocal and guitar.

to avoid that on the vocal you could get a limiter/compressor, or just set your levels lower during the recording.

the beauty of digital recording is you almost have limitless headroom, you can turn up and up and up, so you don’t have to record that loud…the problem arises if what you captured has more noise than sound signal it also gets turned up.

you may have the “decrease volume as tracks are added” tab in preferences set, which would explain the low mixdowns, there are other things that can cause that too, if I can remember one of them I will post it.

I would get rid of the behr mixer get a soundcraft mini and a descent limiter/compresor/de-esser (Rane makes good ones) :agree: