Can't get midi to work in N-Track using Firepod

Hey all,

Having problems getting the midi connected in N-track.
my interface is a Preesonus Firepod
I think i have the setting correct as it works in Cubase.
Midi channel set to 01
Input: PreSonus FIREPOD MIDI In
Output: Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth

As i said it seems to work in Cubase, but not in N-Track.
Can anyone help?

-Chris W

First where is the midi coming from a track made with what medium, piano roll, keyboard, premade midi file?

All this matters, if you are feeding midi in from the keyboard, thru the pod, then the input is right, and the output must be set to what synth you want to play the sound, then that must send the signal to the output and speakers.

I am using a midi Keyboard as a controler.
I’ve got it to work but there a bad delay.

I guess i’m stuck unless I get a new Midi HW device.


Output: Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth

There’s your delay. The Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth is notoriously inefficient. The lag is and will always be terrible. Look for some free VSTi’s or spend a few bucks on some commercially available stuff. Simple stuff like Rolands Virtual Sound Canvas VSTi/DXi come fairly cheap and are General MIDI compliant. Higher end soft instruments can run into a chunk of money. Shop around and find what meets your needs. I bet you can find some good freebies if you look hard enough. Google “Free VSTi” or summat…


Do you get an error box that comes up saying “error opening midi device”? If yes change your midi output device to midi mapper.

I have Presonus Firebox and this is the only output that will work for me.