Can't get stereo output

Can’t get stereo output

I have a stereo track and when I play it back, it’s mono. I tried splitting it into two tracks and using the mixer to pan one of them all right, and one all left, but still I get no stereo effect from the output. Just to be clear, I’m listening on headphones, and I expect stuff from one track to appear in one ear, and from the other track to appear in the other ear.

I checked playback properties - it’s set to stereo.

What could it be?



I am so confused. Nothing works the way I expect. On the record VU meter settings, I choose “stereo” and sure enuf I get one track with two signals, and the wave pattern indicates proper recording of my stereo input. But if I choose “Stereo to two mono tracks” I get just one resultant track, corresponding to the left channel. The right channel just never appeared.

WHat the * ?

Ok, life is better now. I upgrade from 4.0.x to 4.0.5. Whether the upgrade itself fixed the problem, or the uninstall/reinstall reset things properly, I don’t know, but I’m happy now.