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Hi - newbie getting grips with all the dropdowns…but seem to have a problem with audio. Seen the other posts on this subject but wondered if anyone using a toshiba laptop. At moment I can record (and can see the meters running) but can’t hear what I’m recording unless I stop and press playback. Any ideas much appreciated,thanks Rog

can you fill us in on your ‘setup’ - where you’re goin into with what etc…??

Sorry, yes. I’m taking output from a keyboard into the Mic input on the laptop (it’s a toshiba satellite p laptop). When I record myself playing the keyboard, I hear nothing but see the VU meters moving fine and it’s recording too as when I play it back it comes through nice and clear on the laptop speakers or (headphones).
any help much appreciated.

Does the keyboard have a headphone out?

If so I suggest you use that to monitor what you are playing.
If not there are reasons either within Windows or Ntrack that you may not be able to hear what you are playing in real time.
I forget if there is a monitor button on this newer version or not, I could tell you where it was on the old one(2.3) but it’s probably not in the same spot on this one.

Also I would suggest you use the line in if the Toshiba has one instead of the “mic” input.
It’s possible the laptop mutes the output from the speakers while the “mic in” is in operation. (to avoid feedback, which often happens with “mics”.)

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