Can't monitor incoming sound.

Incoming sound is recorded & on VU mtr


I have a crazy setup. I’m using an M-Audio Transit USB for 24b/48k in and a POD XT Live USB 24/48k in and out. I’m also using an M-Audio UNO 1x1 MIDI In/out for recording electronic drums.

The machine is a Dell Inspiron 9400 (Duo-Core 2ghz CPU w/1024MB RAM) 60GB 7200RPM HDD.

Other than latest v4 ntrack crashing repeatedly, it seems to work ok although I’m not sure I have optimum performance yet… there seems to be some latency stuff going on.

Anyway, the problem I’m having, is that I’ve only introduced the Pod XT Live as an output only due to not being able to get the output from the Transit during recording. I can hear the click track, and I can hear everything on playback, but I can’t get the incoming sound from out to monitors.

Not sure what I’m missing, but is there any way to force the live playback out to a specific device? I’ve used the “hammer” in the VU meters to try and select, but it only seems to effect playback, not monitoring of incoming sounds.


In that type of setup … I would think you would be limited to using the “LIVE” button to monitor through n-Track.
However, getting low latency with LIVE on … can bring a decent computer to it’s knees, depending on how much you’ve got going on in your project.
Looks like you’ve got a beefy computer … could give it a try.
I have no experience with the particular devices you are using … so I can’t offer much specific advise.

Thanks for the tip. I tried the LIVE thing and it seems like that could work, I’ll play with that a bit more and see what I get. it sounded strange…

I had continued on by routing the output of the TD-8 and the Transit to a mixing board, and then to the headphone system and that seems to work reasonably well as an alternative. That allowed me to take the PodXT Live out and free up any resources it would be taking.

Now I’m down to 2 issues.
#1 - MIDI Latency… when I record the drums, I record the analog and the MIDI at the same time (we end up using the MIDI, but use the analog as a reference). The analog is recording in sync with the click track, but the MIDI is notably off sync. I’m trying to play with the compensation, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference yet.

#2 - part of my trouble trying to figure out the latency, is every time I make a change to the settings, N-Track is crashing. I’ve tried a few of the 4.x versions and they all do the same thing.

I’m trying to find answers on the forum… I’m not sure I’m familiar enough with the industry to use the right phrases etc…

ok, so one contributing factor is the Microsoft SW Synth… crashes are now reduced to once every little while.

I’ve instead mapped the MIDI to the M-Audio UNO 1x1 - so it’s coming into the TD-8… so now it plays into the incoming audio since the TD-8 is playing the clicktrack and the drum track.

Maybe I need a second MIDI device?
(getting confused, going to bed now)

And voila. I’ve stumbled onto the solution. All I needed was to learn how to create an “auxilliary channel” and assign it as percussion. Now the “click track” plays as it should as the drums record to a new midi track + 2 audio tracks for references.

Nice… crashing still happens, but notably less now that I’m not using the Microsoft SW Synth…