Can't open a song

Hi, i’ve got a problem w/ not being able to open 1 of my songs. so far it’s 12 tracks (stereo-2 mono) and every time i try to open it, it says “N-Track studio has encountered a problem” & ect. i can open the other song i have on there & i think it is 9 or 10 tracks. i’m running a Dell w/ a P4-3.0, 512 RAM, 160g hd. i forget what build of N i have. thanx for any help w/ this.

I think you’re probably stuffed.

I generally keep copies of my sng files a regular intervals so I can go back to a previous mix.

A couple of weeks ago I had a sng file get messed up and that was it. I’d spent many hours editing and it was all lost because I had to go back to the previous day’s project. Even Flavio couldn’t fix it. (I think I know what the problem was but I’ve not managed to reproduce it yet).

You can set n-track to save every ‘n’ minutes - when you do so it creates a new, temporary sng file. Won’t help now but maybe in the future.

In your case you are going to have to create a new sng file and import all the wavs back in and start again. Bummer I know but at least you’ve probably learned (the hard way) the need to keep backups. Doh!