Can't play keyboard after Asio install

MME lag forced me to download Asio.

Using Toshiba Satellite P755-S5320 Core i3-2330M Dual-Core, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
with N-Track 7.0.3 x64. I connected my Alesis VI25, turned it on, opened N-track, created a midi track, selected Acoustic Piano and I was playing music.

But Audio Devices were set to MME: Windows Default Playback Device for input and MME: Windows Default Recording device for output. Too much lag.

So I read around and everyone says get ASIO. I download and install ASIO4ALL_2_10_English, reboot laptop, reopen N-track file, select ASIO as my audio device for both input and output and and now I can’t hear a thing from my keyboard. I can hear playback of previously recorded MIDI tracks and I can tinker about with the piano roll but my keyboard is not registering in the VU meter and I can hear NOTHING.

I thought the keyboard was broken so I tried it with Ableton Live Lite software and it plays just fine.

I would rather have a lagging keyboard than none at all. I uninstalled Asio and it’s the same problem. :heart-break:

I reinstalled Asio and its the same problem. :heart-break:

The Toshiba soundcard is disabled. The only thing enabled soundwise are the microphone and speaker.

After the first Asio install I could see the VI125 in the Asio Control Panel but no sound. After the uninstall and reinstall I cannot see VI25 in the Asio Control Panel and there is no sound.

Any advice?

You need to understand that “ASIO for all” is like getting a new sound card for your computer. The Playback and recording in windows are 2 separate user interfaces. You’ll need to go in to windows and set up the devices their first for ASIO4ALL. For both playback and recording then when you go into n-track, your devices, in this case “ASIO4ALL” can be setup normally, ASIO4ALL will use your sound card as “it’s sound card”.

Hope that helps,
P.S. I use it with my setup all the time.