can't record any tracks

I have been using N-tracks for a few years and now something weird happened. I can see the input meter registering when I play into the computer but I can’t record any tracks. The program doesn’t recognize any new tracks. If I open previously recorded files, it works fine for playing but I still can’t record any new tracks.

When I hit the record button, it acts as if it is recording. When I hit the stop button, no new tracks appear — not even ones with zero volumne, no track, nada!

Any suggestions?

I am using n-tracks 4.1 build 1980.

Thanks for your help.


I went back to version 4.05 and everything started working properly.


Did you reset the preferences when you re-installed?

I wonder if you’d accidently set n-Track to record MIDI rather than Audio or Audio+MIDI? Resetting the Preferences would set it to Audio+MIDI methinks.