Can't Record-Kind of a newbie

I have used N track v 4.0 on my PentiumIII using the TASCAM USB-122 as an interface in the past. Now suddenly I can’t record.
I suspect my kids have been on it and somehow changed the settings
Anyway I can open the program, the record vu-meter seems to indicate it is hearing sound but when I click on record it says Can’t open file.
Any suggestions
I have tried reloading the drivers for the TASCAM and tried playing around with the preferences but to no avail.
Any suggestions

It sounds like you are trying to open an existing project, and one or more of the wave files that are a part of the project has been moved or renamed. If you have moved files around or renamed a subdirectory containing the wave files, put things back the way they were, and n-track should be happy.

If you can open another project, particularly a new project without seeing this message, the cause of your problem is very likely to be as I have described.

Another possibility is that the path to where n-track is to store the wave files is no longer valid (e.g. the subdirectory has been renamed). Check this in your preferences.


OK that has helped
I changed the path under the preferences file and that seems to allow me to record BUT
After I push record I have to get thru two error messages
the first is
Error preparing sysex header OK - I click OK
Error sending sysex - I click OK and can then record
Same error messages when I hit playback
Couldn’t find sysex when I did a search of either the help file or the forum here
Any further thoughts?
Thanks for your help so far

Sysex is MIDI speak for “SYStem EXclusive” data to be sent to a hardware MIDI synthsesizer. If you are NOT using a hardware synth, I think there is an option in Preferences to turn of Sysex data transmission. If you are not using MIDI at ALL, make sure the recording mode button is toggled to “Audio only”.