Can't record (v5.1.1)

First time user here. Downloaded ver 5.1.1 a week ago as I’m still using Win 98SE. Will very soon upgrade to Win XP pro but for now a problem has developed with recording.
nTrack recorded a few single channel tracks OK the first day. After I figured out how to get 8 channels in (by observing the 8 Input meters only) something happened. Clicking the REC button did not start recording on 8 chs as I expected, but instead opened a dialog box intitled “Select WAV file to record from sound card 1”. In the “Save in” area of the box is “n Track Studio 5”. My 3 single ch tracks from the 1st day are listed in the box also. They play back OK. “Cancel” will remove the box.
I’ve tried selecting just 1 channel from my card, as on the 1st day, but I get the same dialog box and no recording or waveforms.
Thanks for any help you can offer.


Hi Bill. Try;- Settings>Preferences>Restore defaults.

Thanks for the advice, I need all the help I can get with this program.
I looked at that and thought it was to restore sampling to 44.1, the default sampling frequency.
Anyway, I was about to lose it last night, so I downloaded and installed a fresh copy and am now up and running.
Thanks again for the tip. If ever it’s needed, I’ll post it for others to see.

It sounds to me that you haven’t set up your properties yet, and that nTrack was opening up and showing you the tracks you originally recorded.
It’s possible that your problem will reoccur.

If the problem does reoccur, try to view a tutorial and do some of the following.

When you first start or record, you want to “Save As”, immediately.
Name it and it becomes
a song consisting of a group of tracks and info for that song. Save often.
Giving you the option to reopen the song as you last saved it.
Not doing a ‘save as’ will cause problems, = organizational problems.

You can go to options and uncheck “load last song” when nTrack opens, so you have a fresh slate to work with each time.
You can always find songs that you’ve saved (by saving as) in C:/program files/FAsoft/nTrack5

The most recent
“saved as” songs, will also show on a list under “File”.

About recording 8 individual tracks at once, that shouldn’t be a problem if you have the right input channels selected.
Properties, audio devices.
You will probably have to open the recording vu meter and select the right tracks there too.
Assigning multiple tracks to record can be a little tricky sometimes.

Doing a fresh install will get you started fresh again but might cause you to loose sight of the original tracks that you recorded, if not; “saved as” a song.

It’s been a long time since v5 and it’s hard remember buggs for builds back that far, I personally don’t recall the one your describing so I’m really guessing here.
Hoping that your having a great time with nTrack!

another hint: If before you do any recording, your do a File > Save As then when you record the racks will be named what you names with File > Save As ( bot her sound files and the N_track files all will have the Save As name.

its like that sammy hagar song - I can’t drive! Version 5! … sorry, i’m an idiot… :wink: