can't unfreeze auxiliary tracks

in latest build 1791

I am in the final stages of a project, and had earlier frozen two auxiliary tracks so I could run SIR and a timed delay without using up all the system resources - but that was several builds ago. Last night I discovered that there does not seem to be a button to un-freeze them in 1791. I have checked the aux mixer strips, the mixer, the aux windows, right-clicked everywhere, and am at my wits end. I would prefer not to have to delete the frozen tracks from the directory and remove the effects, which I think would work, but I fear I would lose the customized settings on the effects. And I guess I could install an older build, but I hate doing that - and I don’t know which one would work, and might have to try several… ???

Has anybody else had this problem? Any ideas?

'til later;
Tony W

Have you emailed Flavio about the problem? I haven’t tried build 1791 and I plan to give the program a good test run this week for bugs myself.

I usually like to ask here first, just in case I am missing something obvious and someone on the forum can clue me in, before I escalate the help call to Flavio. It has happened before that I thought there was a horrid new bug, and I just had a setting wrong… :p

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Tony W


Isn’t unfreezing just a matter of clicking the freeze button again? I have 1791 installed, and I see two buttons: (1) freeze/unfreeze toggle, and (2) refreeze (i.e., freeze again without recalculating). This feature is kinda new to me, but I don’t believe there is a separate unfreeze button. Is your freeze/unfreeze toggle button missing/disabled?

EDIT: Sorry, Tony; I didn’t even tell you where I found the buttons, in case they moved from the earlier build you were using. I found them by opening the Main mixer window and clicking on the Aux name label just above the effects list box for each aux channel.

Tony (S)

And that is why I ask here first! I was right -clicking there, and of course got no menu - you have to left-click!

:) :D :laugh: :p

Thank you Tony S!

Oh, and I don’t think they moved - I just forgot where they were!

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Tony W

Quote (wynot @ Mar. 13 2005,13:11)
Oh, and I don't think they moved - I just forgot where they were!

Yeah, they probably didn't; it's just that with the 4.04 builds morphing so quickly sometimes (e.g. the new VST folder features), ya can't just take for granted that the buttons will always be in the same place from one build to the next!

Anyway, glad it helped! :D

Tony S

The fact that the track and aux and sub-channel freeze buttons are in different places is a UI issue that Flavio might want to change – add freeze buttons to the track properties page for example.

i would like to see all busses and aux as tracks to see whats going on and for better volume editing…

Anyway 1793 is up and ready for download. So maybe this will be the cure for ya. :p

All I know is that I love freeze. OMG is it a great feature. I am using it constantly and love it. Thanks Flav!

Quote (Bubbagump @ Mar. 14 2005,14:51)
All I know is that I love freeze. OMG is it a great feature. I am using it constantly and love it. Thanks Flav!

DITTO!! :) :) :)


EDIT** You just KNOW freeze is gonna breathe a lot of new life some older, not so powerful DAW PC's. It really is COOL! (pun intended)

SIR without 72% cpu usage. 'Nuff said.

Tony W

Er…umm…I was gonna say something really important and profound…but wynot’s avatar has me mesmerized… must look at avatar…must look…


Mmm; caught another one!!!

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Tony W

has my head spinning :p :p :p