can't use GSnap or any other of the "G" plugins

vstscan.exe crashes

I can’t seem to use GSnap or any of the GVST plugins (referenced in the recent autotune thread).

I’m running n-track v3.3, build 1516, under windows xp. I’ve downloaded and installed gdiplus.dll. if any of the gvst plugins are in my vst directory, vstscan.exe crashes.

Any ideas?



Mmm. If you are running XP, you should already have gdiplus.dll. Do a search for it and check you don’t have two versions. If you do, rename one of them and see if the problem goes away (after a restart)
Additionally, go to >Preferences>Paths and check the box to do a complete rescan of your vst’s.

I am running 3.3 (1516) with XP and can run Gsnap no problems.


aha! i have like 5 different copies of gdiplus.dll on the computer. 2 are under c:\windows\winsxs, 1 under powerpoint viewer, 1 under litestep (which i don’t even use), and then the 1 from Gsnap’s website, under windows\system32. i’ll rename all but the last one and see if that does the trick.

Check the versions on all of the different files. They may be different and GSnap may be picking up a version that it’s not compatible with. Generally, newer versions (gdiplus.dll) should be backwards compatible, but older versions may not be with newer apps. There have been updates to gdiplus.dll and and at least one of them plugged pretty bad security problem.

Thanks, phoo, I did look at the versions and one of them was the same as the version that GVST links to. Currently I’m using that one and I’m getting an even more baffling behavior, which is that the GVST plugins simply don’t seem to be noticed by the scan. They don’t crash the scan, but they don’t appear in the list either.

Are the GVST plugins low CPU usage? That’s pretty much what I was so excited about; for some reason they look lightweight to me.