Can't Use ver 6

Going back to ver 5

This thing is like night and day from the older version. It’s slow, clunky and I can’t figure it out. I used 5 successfully for a long time, recording a bunch of open air acoustic sessions (don’t even talk to me about MIDI) on an XP machine, so I don’t require a whole lot, just faithful recording over mics on stable, dependable software. I know you gotta make it more of a resource hog as computers get faster, but this looks to me like a bunch of gratuitous cosmetic changes that serve no purpose. I want to see simple waveforms that I can zoom in on, edit and mix. I just don’t see the point. I would like my money back. Sticking with 5.

Version 6 is generally more efficient and less resource hungry than v5, both in the audio processing and for the fact that it doesn’t use the .NET component which uses a few extra MB of memory. The graphics is a little more complex but that is not usually a problem with modern graphic cards.
That said if you want a refund please contact us via the support form.