Can anyone identify this headstock?

This is the headstock off one of my main guitars - the Lesocaster. I used to know what the brand was, but I’ve forgotten. Anyone recognise it? I think it migh be a hondo, but I dunno.

FWIW, the headstock end is routed (original), and sanded back (not original) and was on a tele copy.


My brother had a Hondo telecaster, I would of been 12 at the time so I’m going back many moons. That does indeed look like the headstock that was on his guitar, cross between a fender and ovation headstock.

EDIT: more I look at it more i’m remebering I think Hondo for sure

His wasn’t rolled back like that but it was routered. And I just took a look at some ebay adds. The curve on the underside of that headstock is definitely Hondo.

I’ll put in one more vote for Hondo. I had a Hondo Strat copy in the late 80’s. The head stock was like the pic as I recall.

For the record, that was an excellent instrument, and I played it as my main axe for about 6 years. I sold it and got a Fender Nipponese 60’s reissue in 1991. Still playing it.


Geez I remeber that old Hondo tele of my brothers, he would lend it to me and his solid state Yamaha 100watt amp. Would go up to a buddies house and all the thing could do was play the radio. All I could hear through the amp was radio interference. Man time flies by that was amost 23 years ago.
But ya know it’s all because of that cheap Hondo that I own two Fender Telecasters, nostalgia was a big factor.

It looks more like a Peavey headstock to my eyes.

The Hondo headstock is a bit more rounded.

But my guess is that it is not either the Hondo or the Peavey.

Forgot to mention, I picked the neck up 2nd hand and put the guitar together, so there’s no other bits to identify it with.

Line-6 Variax 600’s have nearly the same headstock shape, but lack the end routing. The are made in Korea, so it’s probably a safe bet that they are made in the same factory with the same raw parts that the Hondos and other “cheap” guitars are.

I’m voting for hohner.

goes by rockwood or revelation guitars these days, but looks just like my buddy’s old bass head.

Doh…it does look like a homer.

I’m still sticking with Hondo. The headstock on my bros guitar had a very shallow routed edge. Now if it was sanded back it would look exactly like that. I’m gonna search high and low to put this issue to rest. I just don’t like being wrong.

It looks very much like a Hohner Classic City series. Take a look at this link



Thank you! I knew it started with “H” but couldn’t remember, and checking the Honher links (particularly Sinbads) confirmed it.

See I knew it was a Homer-I just spelled it wrong got the M mixed up with a N, and the E mixed up with an O.

Ya that’s the story. :D

yay I win!!!

and stuh it’s a Hohner, not Homer lol