Can anyone read music?

Hi…could anyone check for me if I’ve got 16 bars of music right…against a song of mine?

Let me know and I’ll post up the stuff

Go on, Craig. Throw it up.

I used to know numbers… :p :laugh: Then … I forgot… That any good… ????

Ok thanks!
Heres the song ( a 50/90 redone)

The piece in question is the first, slow part.

Written music to follow.


I can’t read music, but just did this after reading a bit on the net:…vin.jpg

Or this:

I think the rests are wrong for sure.
Am I on the right track?

Wow! Craig! I got into that, and forgot to count. Nice tune dude, seriously. Who needs Eric Hutchinson?
What was the question, again? :wink:
(You don’t need help).

There are programs that can take sheet music (although you may have to key it in yourself) and play back midi, but I don’t remember ever seeing a free one that worked. If anyone knows one (or a cheap shareware), I would love to learn of it…

Craig, I read well enough, and I bet a lot of folks here read way better. If we have the sheet and the wav/mp3/ogg/what you will, one of us will let you know pretty quick if the two are square. Just who’s online soonest after you post, I guess. It reads like you are learning notation, and that is something I bet most of us want to encourage. So much about music is really subjective, and it is good to have a common vocabulary for the stuff we can quantify, y` know?

'til next time;

Thanks Tony....Much appreciated!!!
:agree:'s all up now!

I just need to it right? (or did you answer that one T?)


Who’s Eric Hutchinson Tony??????

Oh, I hate being meanie but: bar 2, under the Ami sign - you have quarter note, 2 eighth notes, dotted quarter note, quarter note - adds up to four and a half beats. Next bar, the dotted half-rest sends you past the end of the measure again.

I DLed the tune, but will have to postpone a listen and compare 'til later - company coming…

'til then;
tony w

Hey that’s stuff TonyR. Never heard of him before!

TonyW you ain’t being a meanie…I don’t know how to do this stuff!!! I just read up some internet stuff and gave it a go…my first attempt, but I really do need to get this right, so any tips or pointers on this would be appreciated!


Sorry Craig. I’m crapper than you at notation. But I love to learn and sticking with this thread might help jog my memory back to being eight:-)


I was wondering...does it follow the melody?
Also I was worried that I'd got the rests wrong in the third bars of the top two lines. Should there be multiple quaver rests or something?

I dunno

I looked at the sheet music on its own, at the note values.
The values on the last 2 lines all fit into the time sig perfectly although I don’t think eighth notes are joined together when they are dotted, it’s just some of the notes on the top 2 lines need tweeking and a few triplets here and there.
It’s the lyrics that start a 0:05 on the sheet music right?
I have grade 8 theory, will give you full analysis if you like.

That would be great if you could thanks!!!

Heres my current version:


The only criteria is that I must fit it into five lines at these exact sizes… ???
But it’s really important that I get it correct, so your help is MUCH appreciated :agree:


I did the 1st 3 bars on Gp 5 how do I post a pic here? I found it difficult because the rhythm of the singing is ad lib to fit the mood which is good but it’s hard to know exactly where it fits. Otherwise it could be simplified to the nearest triplets etc so that the singing part can use artistic licence diverting from it as they like.

Here it is, dont know if its completely right but it sounds OK when played on GP5:


Heres the initial attempt trying to get the notes more exact:

original 1st line