Can I Ask A Quick Question?

Who do I sound like?

CD Baby needs me to put the three bands/artists I sound most like for people to search me…

Any ideas? I dunno…

Well you remind me of Elvis Costello,… and Tom Spademan

Robbie Williams (when he was still good)

Quote: (nixon1972 @ Dec. 19 2008, 8:58 PM)

Well you remind me of Elvis Costello,..... and Tom Spademan

Hmm... I've heard of one of those guys... but who is this "Elvis" fella? Didn't he OD on Krispy Kreme's or sumthin' ??


Thing is, I totally disagree about both of nix’s comparisons.

1. Your style is harmonically and melodically interesting, not just 1-4-5-1, and in that way is sort of like Elvic C., but yours are differernt.
I am sure if we sat down and analyzed a few pieces it’d be apparent but I can’t just tell you what it is off the top of my head.
Also, your singing style and timbre are very “strong,” like EC’s, but still quite different - again, analysis is needed.

2. Spademan can’t hold a candle to your songwriting or singing - I mean, he writes in 1-4-5-1 and 1-2-5-1 and 1-6-4-5 progressions all the time.
And voices?
How does your voice compare to his miserable whine?
(but it was darn nice of nix to make the comparison).

I don’t see the Tom Spademan connection really. Both great songwriters, but both very different. Tom Spademan is one of me favorite songwriters also. I’ve covered 3 of his songs purely for my own enjoyment and because they are extremely well written songs. Tom is a whole lot better than he claims to be.
However, Tom is very American and you are very English. I firmly believe you have the early Williams/Chambers style in many of your songs (It’s a swizz,Drive myself to drink). Also, there are definite hints of Ray Davies in some of your writing (Hit you like a jilted bride, Top of the world).
Vocally, very reminiscent of Robbie Williams ability to slip into falsetto so easily.

3 artists? Hmmm…Robbie Williams, Ray Davies, Beautiful South.

Cool. Thanks for the replies, that gives me something to chew on!

Tom, how can someone as prolific as you are fail to be an excellent writer?

The facility is basically a ‘listen to these if you like these bands/people’. I’d initially put Beatles and Squeeze but it’s really hard defining what you sound like/write like yourself…stylewise, soundwise…

Cheers guys.

Yep Craig you definately hit in the Beatles/Badfinger/Squeeze genre.

And I think Mr. Spademan is more in the Big Star/R.E.M. vein.

IMHO. Even tho my opinion is not worth a cup o coffee in any 3rd world country.
And Tom Willis has gotta be Roy Rogers! (Well he’s almost as old as Roy anyways)
Hey Roy can I be yer side kick Gabby Hayes (just shaved a full beard off and wuz starting to look like Gabby)? Dagnabit Roy . . . .


Tom, how can someone as prolific as you are fail to be an excellent writer?

I'd substitute the word successful for excellent in that question, and then only in referring to fame/fortune/whatever. There are a lot of very gifted artists and writers that never get heard by the public at large. I couldn't list all the factors that lead to a successful "career". (I hate that word!) In some ways, it's like being a politician. Are you giving them what they want to hear, or what you need them to hear? What drives you?

You sound like one of those British pop artists that invaded the states back in the 60s. But I don’t remember which one. Currently you sound like no one else really. But when you look at the night sky, deep into outer space. You know that there is someone out there that sounds exactly like you Craig.

Heh - the only thing that drives me these days is the desire to escape to the basement and make noises.


However, Tom is very American and you are very English.

Now, that seems right to me, but I’m not quite sure what it means.
BTW, Squeeze is one of my all time favorites.
We used to slip in covers of their stuff now and again.
Pulling Mussels, Annie Get Your Gun, that sort of thing.

I remember first hearing REM’s Hibtone single “Radio Free Europe” on the jukebox at Joe’s Star Lounge in 1981, and it was like an entirely new world.

But if I were left on a desert island and had only one CD, it would be the double album of Big Star’s #1 Record/Radio City.

But Squeeze and the Beatles, yes, those are clearly in your music, Craig. Badfinger too.

You know, the good thing is that there are influences there, but the music is all yours - unlike lots of folks who are not just influenced, but sound much too much like their musical forebears.