Can I update to a superceded version?

Want ‘newest’ version for older mac

Preface: I’m still a relative newbie on n-track. So far, I’ve mostly used n-track to mix down to (from another multi-track recording source), and configure files for sending, mastering and, ultimately, publishing. I have Version 7.something, purchased in 2014, on a mac version osx 10.6.8

I see that latest version of n- (8.3 currently) requires mac versions 10.7 and upward.

I’d like to expand my usage of n- with my existing hardware, so, toward that end, I thought I’d update to the most recent version that would work on this older mac. Is that do-able? What is the last version issued that will work with a 10.6.8 mac?

Your help and knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks.

You might best send this to he support page on the nTrack site. They can help where you have a particular MAC to deal with.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will do that.

UPDATE: I attempted to ask support, but the form would not submit. The pre-selections in the menu for ‘Operating System’ only go down to osx 10.7, and this is a required field. Maybe that means the answer to my first question is ‘no’. (?)