Can I use Zoom R24 as controller for n-Track?

Hi, I’ve got a friend who wants to use a Zoom R24 as an 8-input interface to record on. I’m recommending that he uses n-Track Studio for mixdown.

I’m not up to speed on these things, but I am wondering if the R24 can be used as an interface (via USB) to n-Track Studio as a physical controller in addition to controlling the playback etc using the mouse on the screen.

Does anyone have any advice or experience with this?


I don’t own the unit but from what I’ve read about it, you should be able to use it as an audio interface. It should support ASIO and it should show up as a midi device as well so you should be able to use it as a control surface too.


Thanks Paco572. I’m not sure that it would work as a 24-bit 96k audio device for more than two channels at a time, because of bandwidth, but it might at lower rates. But that sounds promising about using it as a control surface.

In researching this unit is says if you want to use the on board effects you can’t go past 44,000hz at 16 bit. However you should be able to use the unit as a sound interface at 96,000hz and 24 bit within n-Track and still be able to use the unit as a control surface.


Hi Paco, that’s great - thanks for that info. My friend’s main use for it is for recording without effects, so that’s no problem. The control surface for mixdown would make it much easier for him, though, which sounds like it is just what he needs.
Thanks again.